You’ll first need to ensure you have a Gmail email account + the Firefox web browser (version 3.5 either PC, MAC, or LINUX). Then, sign-up for Kwaga on this site using your Gmail username & password and download our Kwaga plugin for Firefox. Afterwards, launch your Gmail from the Firefox browser and we’ll take care of the rest!
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Is there a risk to me that you may accidentally "lose" a Gmail?
No risk at all, since Kwaga servers never enter your account, per se. Kwaga servers access Gmail background services to receive a copy (by imap) of your emails for semantic analysis. For example, if our service should fail, this has NO impact on you receiving your emails directly from Gmail on-time.
Do you store my emails?
No, Kwaga servers process your emails to identify dates, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc... Once processed, the copied emails are immediately and automatically deleted. Also, no one at Kwaga can possibly view your emails whilst being processed.
With whom do you share my email statistics?
Nobody, never.
Noone has access to your email statistics, such as the number of emails you receive, besides yourself.
We will not share any information about you including your email address, your emails, your usage,....